Are your shoes from Stella McCartney? No, sadly not…

A lace top is for all year round, not just for Christmas. In fact when the temperature is like it is right now,  namely a bit pants for summer but warmer than most of the year, it’s a great time to bring out those tops that otherwise don’t get much of an airing. So fancy tops it is from now on!

“I like your shoes…” the girl in Cos said to me “Are they Stella McCartney?” 

I think what she had in mind was something like these – the Stella McCartney binx burgundy loafers (£300). True, there are definite similarities – neither pairs are made of leather and both are flat form loafers. But there’s a bit of a divergence on price – a £15 vs £300 divergence in fact. But I do love a bit of Stella and it was a great spot by the girl in Cos.

For similar styles elsewhere, take a look at these from Zara (£39.99). I love a chunky wedge – they get rid of cankles in an instant! There will be so many more styles like this in the upcoming season so do keep an eye out and have a play with a pair. They’re great for adding a bit of height without teetering around and they add a style update to any simple outfit.

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