It had me at pom pom…

I’d had my eye on this pom pom throw from Marks & Spencer for about a year – and now I’ve finally got my mitts on one. I wanted to hold off until first I’d chosen the paint colours for the new room. Then I decided to wait until the furniture came back too see how it all looked and then it went in and out of stock. And then finally I got my butt into the Birmingham store with about 20 minutes to go until the schools broke up and knowing that would most likely be September before I got another chance to look around, I took the plunge and FINALLY bought one.

So I’ve tried the throw in about 563 different locations so far and this evening it’s been moved again. But I felt that this showed it in all its pom pom glory! Probably not great for anyone who has a cat…or a young child….but other than that it’s very practical. Honestly.

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  1. Briella Lane
    July 17, 2016 / 7:20 pm


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