A navy striped midi and tan heels…

I haven’t had nearly enough wear out of this Whistles navy midi skirt that I bought in the sale a couple of summers ago and now with the work on the house nearly complete, I’m trying to think a little more in outfits and a little less in terms of “let’s just re-wear what I chucked on the chair the night before.” Now in fairness it is an approach that works for the totally stylish Jenna Lyons of J. Crew so I’m not dissing it but when it means that there’s a whole stack of clothes that aren’t getting an airing – well then that’s not so good. So, for the last day of term, out the striped midi skirt came.

There is also another whole stack of clothes that don’t get worn because they are lurking in the very large ironing pile that I currently own. Said very large ironing pile was one thing that I took out of the old conservatory before it was demolished and the one thing I promised myself that I wouldn’t return to the new utility room. Ahem. Actually it is a bit smaller. I think that I’ve had the ironing pile for so long that the children have grown out of some of the clothes and others have now gone right out of fashion. So there’s a top tip for making your ironing pile smaller.

It’s not that I don’t love ironing – I do. But only really when there’s tennis on or when it’s really hot. Oh and also when there aren’t about 20 builder in the house who think that I’ve nothing better to do. Anyway, I digress, the sparkly jumper that I’m wearing was one of the items that I did iron in my recent marathon ironing session, so that too had an outing.

My shoes are from Jigsaw last year. I know of quite a few of you who missed out on them so as an alternative, there are these two options…

The Tan Billie Studded Sandal from Mint Velvet (£129)

…or the Hope Sandal in natural (£49 down from £129) – they also come in black

Oh and I saw these in Topshop – the Rococo embroidered shoe in navy (£56). Although I don’t need a pair I did rather fall in love with them. You know the drill, jeans and a leather jacket, green utility trousers and a cream frilly blouse/off the shoulder top, tailored culottes and a white shirt, fairly “prim” midi length dress – they could work in so many scenarios, provided that heels aren’t an issue.

….and they also come in beige too. What a brilliant way to give your wardrobe (a kick up the butt) an injection of style.

Have a super weekend everyone. May the sun shine! 

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