Rainy Day Yellow Mac…

I’m interrupting the sunny posts from Cornwall to bring you a newsflash. It’s raining here. A lot. But the temperature isn’t too bad and last year I had a realisation that 17 degrees is my perfect temperature.

Any hotter and all I can be faffed with is some shorts and a top; any colder and we’re into four layers including vests, tights and a coat. But 17 degrees? Well that’s just perfect. It means that I can wear those clothes that sit in my wardrobe the rest of the year and which I look at longingly, before resorting to jeans, boots and a roll neck.

Everyday this week I’ve managed to wear something that I haven’t worn for ages because it’s been too cold to do so and today it was the turn of this Whistles dress. Please excuse the photo – I have to get a snap in in between the workmen arriving/someone using the portaloo/a delivery lorry appearing etc.

And because it was raining (but not too cold) it gave me a chance to wear my Petit Bateau coat, which really does keep the rain off – on the bit that it covers anyway. As to the rest of me? Well by the time I got home my dress had pretty much risen up to the bottom of the coat, so the dress didn’t get wet which was good.  Luckily I didn’t take the route which went via the police station.

No, I didn’t go via the police station. But I did go via Sainsbury’s because we had reached that dire stage of running out of everything that a house needs to function properly – loo roll, toothpaste, clingfilm, silver foil, bleach, bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, milk. With our current living conditions I feel slightly like a student – but I’m trying to embrace the general mess and disorganisation rather than fight it. Anyway, whilst in Sainsbury’s, the lady serving me commented how much she liked my coat and asked where it was from. I told her that it was from Petit Bateau and that Warehouse had a similar one last year and then, when I arrived in town, look what I found in Topshop – a yellow hooded rain mac (£55).

So I googled the number of our local store, called her and told her the good news. I think that she thought that I was slightly crazy but she was very happy too and on her day off, she’s going to go and buy one. So that was all good. Given that the rain will probably hang around on and off for a while yet, I thought that you all might like to know about this coat too. Happy splashing!


  1. Yvonne
    May 12, 2016 / 8:40 am

    Boy, 17 degrees – that's winter in Australia. Its not hot unless its over 32/35. My favourite temperature is 28 degrees. Love the yellow mac and wish we had the need to wear it here as my garden badly needs proper rain. cheers Yvonne

  2. Yvonne
    May 12, 2016 / 8:41 am

    Woops, correction "It's" not hot unless "it's" over …

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