Anyone fancy a good night out?

Sorry, this event is now sold out – but thank you for your interest!

Tomorrow Mr SG and I are nipping off to Cornwall for a couple of days but before I go, I wanted to let you all know about an event that I will be styling and presenting next week. It’s at Old Swinford Hospital School, which is in Stourbridge, and the ticket details are below. 

I’m particularly excited about this event as a) I love shopping (clearly) and I’m basically buying outfits that I love – but which will obviously work for my models who are teachers/a Mum at the school b) presenting to busy Mums who are up for a good night out with a glass of fizz always makes for a fabulous atmosphere. Plus of course we have Tim Scott-Wright (famed hairdresser) to make the models looks beautiful, together with many other attractions. 

I never really like to give too much away before an event (it stops me from going off piste and changing my mind on the spot) but as a teaser, I’m going to cover outfits for a smart event and sunny days, together with trend led outfits and a whole section entitled “a day in the life of” – which will contain outfits befitting a super hard working Mum with a great social life who gets wined and dined by her husband (so that’s all of us then?!) In between outfits I will be covering different topics which are dear to our hearts (note no teaser on these as I haven’t quite finalised them yet!) 

For tickets please drop an email to and I really hope to see some of you there. I promise that it will be fab night. 


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