A Wedding Outfit Without Heels!

I’ve always maintained that shoes can either make, or break, not only an outfit but also an entire wardrobe. A wardrobe full of gorgeous clothes can be killed dead in an instant with hideously frumpy shoes. Equally, adding a few pairs of the right shoes to even a very basic wardrobe can give it a whole new lease of life. And we’re not even talking expensive shoes or high heels here but just ones that do a great job style wise.

Anyway, I digress slightly from the whole point of this post which is about pretty dresses and low heels. I have about four or five dresses tucked away – the above one from Reiss in Bicester included – that in previous years I’ve worn with high heels. Not really being one for heels anymore, I hadn’t worn the dresses for a while. Then I thought what a shame that was and with a wedding to go to earlier in the week I decided just to go for it anyway and to wear the dress first of all with silver trainers for the mile or so walk to the ceremony…

…and then later with silver shoes from Topshop – similar here from Whistles (£136)

Now I know that it’s hardly mind-blowing or a great discovery “Ooooh, let’s wear some flatter shoes with pretty dresses so as to get more wear out of them” but the realisation that I’d found some shoes that I liked and that would do the job that I needed, meant that they opened up a whole new host of wardrobe possibilities. It also meant that I didn’t have to wear trousers and flats (again) or compromise in some other way.  And that’s what it’s all about. Identifying the gaps and filling them so that you get the most out of your wardrobe – whether it’s the right shoes, a top that’s the right length to work with all of the skirts that you have, or a dress that you can style for many occasions.

You would be surprised at the number of ladies I work with who really only need a few bits adding here and there for their wardrobes suddenly to come together and be complete. Sometimes it seems like magic but really it’s just a case of taking a good hard look at what you have and identifying what you need for things to slot into place.

So here’s looking forward to the wedding party this coming weekend with another fancy pants dress and flatt(ish) shoes.

And as for a couple more options, so I know that these aren’t exactly flat but they are gorgeous – and their block heel makes them more sturdy than others. They are £35 and they are from Next plus they also come in navy.

However if lower heeled and “of the moment” is what you’re after, minus an ankle strap or a pointy toe which many would rather steer clear of, there’s always the glove shoe from Next (£55) which come in this gorgeous rose gold.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with more rose gold. But this time for the house. Until then, have a super bank holiday weekend. Beth x

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