That was the week that was – a little bit of house, a little bit of fashion and a competition coming your way soon!

Going for a bit of a biker look in this Reiss jacket that I’ve had for about 6 years but which fits so well, an H&M skirt, Boden roll neck and Whistles gloves and biker boots. 

Hello my lovelies, how are you all? I hope that you’ve had a lovely Mother’s Day. I know that for some it can be a little bit of a sad and emotional day so I’m thinking of you all and sending you lots of love. I started off my day by running with a friend (lovely) dropping in on another friend (lovely – for me at least!) and then coming home to….dye the grey out of my hair. Ho hum! 

The rest of the day was fabulous though with lunch out, a wander around John Lewis, a home made chocolate cake with chunks of toblerone in it and crushed maltesers on top (yum) and some lovely pressies. My treat to myself is to check in with you all to say hello and to give you a little update – for there’s a lot going on! 

Just prior to the work starting

As you may have gathered, we are having some work done to the house. It’s a 14 week build project which was due to start last Monday, however we weren’t really sure until three days beforehand whether it would start or not.  So, at the 11th hour we had to arrange for the downstairs of the house to be cleared and the furniture sent to storage. Last weekend was fun.

 Getting ready for the builders – I knew that the gin would come in handy.

The night before the work was due to start, we had fireworks to mark the occasion and to say goodbye to the house as we knew it. 

It didn’t take long for the builders to get cracking.

Monday morning carnage.

Despite being a family of five, our house is “usually” fairly relaxed and calm but last Monday morning I had about 12 men in the house; the builders started ripping down the conservatory, there were skips arriving, the electrician was making the house safe, the plumber was moving and re-plumbing the washing machine, the alarm chap was dis-connecting certain sensors, the carpenter was building false walls and me? I stood paralysed behind the kitchen island, took a couple of photos and ate a WHOLE LOAD of chocolate. As for Mr SG?

He went to work leaving his sour dough to rise amongst the chaos. As you do. 

No more conservatory! It leaked and there’s nothing that Mr SG hates more than a leak. They drive him round the bend.

Two days later, the conservatory was down. It’s fair to say that the house is looking a pretty ugly place right now but hopefully in three weeks or so the new build will be up with the roof on and then it should start to look a whole look better. In the meantime I’m frantically making mood boards for the new utility room, study area, dining area and living area. For so long it didn’t really seem that anything was happening and then all of a sudden we’re meant to have chosen everything. Help! And sadly now that the living room is empty it’s clear that the carpet is in need of an update so that room might just need a bit of attention. Such a shame.

Whilst in John Lewis today I seemed to lose a couple of the children.

Jigsaw trousers, Topshop jumper, Zara cardi, Accessorize scarf, Whistles boots.

This photo was taken at the end of the week – I’m just about still standing (unlike the conservatory). But with working, trying to sort the house, training for the marathon (we’re up to 24 miles now so quite happy about that) and so on I’m not getting the time to blog as often as I would like. And I miss you all!

However I’ve got some great posts lined up – an exclusive competition with M&S to win a gift card of £100 for you and a friend, a new jewellery brand to introduce you to and an inspiring story from a reader who used her FitBit to help her to lose 3 stones.

Have a lovely week everyone and I hope to be back soon. x 


  1. Muddling Along
    March 7, 2016 / 11:04 am

    Every time I see that H&M skirt I'm tempted by it again – it's a great look you have going on there (wondering if I can get away with the skirt for work or if that is a step too far)

  2. Anonymous
    March 7, 2016 / 12:03 pm

    How do you manage to wear such a thick jumper under a fitted jacket. Either the jacket must be pretty loose or the jumper is a tight fit. A weird question I know but one I always think about when I buy jumpers and or jackets.

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