Some “Me & Em” gems…

Like Hush and Baukjen, Me & Em is one of those brands with a simple aesthetic that appeals to so many right now. All of these brands have several gems each season, which can form the backbone of a wardrobe for now and for seasons to come.  Sometimes its the styling that attracts me, sometimes the potential longevity of an item and sometimes it’s just an “Oooh, that’s a lovely item” moment – but then more often than not I’ll try and find those pieces at somewhere like Zara or Topshop instead.

I know that there have been a million blog posts about Breton tops over the years but this particular Breton top (£35) falls into my gem category because of its slight ruching at the sides. Style wise it allows it to be worn either longer or shorter and the ruching is so flattering over those various wobbly bits that we may want to disguise. As soon as a brand adds ruching in the right place, a top becomes a whole lot more accessible to a whole lot more people. Over the years I’ve loved the Jigsaw Breton tops but the colours aren’t quite right this year – so I will be trying this one instead (if it’s in stock).

The same goes for this Perfect crew neck T (£35). There’s also a V-neck style and both have ruching, so for anyone on the hunt for a great T-shirt that has a little length and a little ruching, this could be just the right one. At £35 I think that it’s a lot for a T-shirt but arguably it’s better to have one fabulous one at £35 than three or four mediocre ones at £10 each. But of course you don’t need me to tell you that. And the logic only applies if you would actually be likely to buy 3 or 4 T-shirts at £10 each in the first place.

And who doesn’t love a Slouchy jogger (£58.00)? OK, so not everyone but they are so useful, just for those times when it’s not a good idea to head out of the house in one’s scruffy old Topshop baggy bum joggers (not that I own a pair of those of course. Or even two) but equally when one doesn’t want to wear one’s skinny jeans either. eg When you’ve had a big meal and you have to take the kids somewhere but rather than just dropping them at the door, you have to go in and chat too. Then the Topshop baggy bum joggers suddenly don’t seem such a good idea. Reversing out of a room always looks a bit odd.

And there is something very appealing about the side stripe trouser (£128). I love a wide trouser with a trainer and there is something very lovely about a pair of really well made, well fitting trousers in a great fabric. I haven’t tried these so I can’t say whether these tick those boxes or not but they look to me like they might (and should).

Here I’ve linked to all the pieces with stripes which include a couple of different styles of Breton top and also a few different styles of side striped trousers – for those who may be interested in investigating further.

There’s currently a Me & Em 20% discount plus free second class postage with the code GET20 which I hope you will find useful 🙂

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