Jam Jar Lights – Lighting the way….

I was so excited to drive past Jam Jar Lights  on Sunday as I recognised it as having fitted out one of our local coffee shops with the coolest lights. Today I had an opportunity to go in and to chat to Kate, one of the founders of Jam Jar.

The idea for Jam Jar arose after she and a friend had been travelling. On returning to Birmingham they weren’t terribly excited about stepping back into the real world and so started renovating their flat instead. Unable to find lighting that they liked, they started to experiment with different ideas until one night Kate turned a Jam Jar into a light and Jam Jar lights was born.

Customers can design their own lights, selecting the individual components, all of which are made in Birmingham. 

 These are the individual Jam Jar lights…

And here’s a selection that have been clustered together, all with differing coloured cables…

Loving the fairground lights that can be powder coated in any colour. Surprise surprise, I love this pink one and how lucky are we to have a girl with a name beginning with “M”?! 

The wall of cables is a work of art in its own right. 

And with all things copper being such a huge trend, who fancies one of these lights?!

This is Jam Jar’s take on a chandelier…

And these are examples of the different lighting systems that have been created with piping

Kate said that she fancied trying different colours on the metal work, hence the gold and rose gold below. 

And finally, this is the shop fit. The corrugated iron came from Kate’s cousin’s back garden and had to be scrubbed to remove what the birds had left behind on it.  And Kate and her partner went skip surfing for the wood. All of which is so in keeping with the feel of the brand.

This is my favourite – I love this combination.

 Having spent a little time looking a lighting recently, it is all quite “samey” but this is totally different. Jam Jar have even made a light from an old water tank, so if you’re thinking of ripping anything out, it could be possible to upcycle it into a really fab piece of lighting.

And this letter “F” is for my lovely Flossie who is away from home this week and I miss her 🙁 (but she is having fun) 🙂 x

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  1. Briella Lane
    March 16, 2016 / 10:23 am

    Brilliant. Fantastic idea so stylish.

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