We can be hereos just for one day….

This post is only a little bit about David Bowie but I do love “Heroes” so that’s why this post is titled the way that it is. 

Today I hit the shops, for the first time since Christmas really. Part of it was work related but part of it was to “assess” the sale situation. If anyone thinks that they’ve left it too late for the sales – think again! Most stores will be going into final markdowns next week and there are some fantastic bargains to be had.

But of course, one of the (many) things that I really loved was this outfit from Jigsaw. It’s two separate pieces made up of these Jigsaw cubist drape culottes (£139)…

…and this Jigsaw cubist drape top (£89)

As I’ve previously mentioned, we have a spring wedding to go to and this outfit appeals to me on a number of levels. For a start, an April wedding could be boiling hot or freezing cold. If it’s cold, I can layer the top up with a vest or two underneath and a jacket over the top. If needs be, I can wear leggings (but obviously so that you don’t see them) under the culottes, or tights and if it’s really freezing, oxblood knee length boots. On the other hand if it’s hot, I can go with a bit of  fake tan, bare legs, strappy sandals or high courts (for some reason I’m thinking metallic/silver), lots of bangles and I’m all done.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Oh no! After the wedding these babies will be worn separately. The culottes will be paired with chunky flat sandals, ghillie flats or trainers and the top will go over the new leather (look) leggings that I might just have bought today. Ooops. More about those another day…

And I’m kind of wondering whether I may have taken leave of my senses but I also really like this Rose Gold dress from Reiss (reduced from £195 to £95)

I’m thinking that it might be quite a nice dress for next Christmas (did I really just say that?) Others might be thinking that it looks a little bit like their Granny’s curtains. But I’ve always been partial to a little damask/brocade.

And somehow, I can’t quite leave this post without mentioning the sad passing (actually I can’t use that word, it sounds like someone is going to the loo) – death, of David Bowie. His music was distinctive and oddly comforting.  He was always there, a part of my 70’s childhood and somehow invincible – in my mind at least – as if he was almost other worldly. Oddly we have been talking about him a lot in our household recently as our youngest shared his birthday, which was only on Friday, and our eldest is learning about him in A-level Politics. No doubt he will be missed by millions in a million different ways but for me, the start of the Snowman will never be quite the same again. May he rest in peace.


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    January 14, 2016 / 9:59 pm

    Thank you!

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