Pleated skirts – another one to ponder and how to style them….

Recently, pleated skirts have become a firm favourite. Many are midi length and in this mild weather they lend themselves to being worn without anything underneath (or hidden leggings if you want to add just a little warmth) and they can go from being worn with trainers as I’m doing above, to being worn with a fitted jumper and high pointy shoes for a really glam 1940’s style look. They come in lots of different finishes, from pleather to lurex and silky fabrics too, so they offer a huge amount of versatility.

I came across this pleated skirt in Topshop (£50) yesterday and whilst I’ve had to link to the petite one, they come in standard lengths too. This is a really beautiful pale blue colour which works really well with grey or camel.

This Zara lace pleated skirt would make a great alternative to a more traditional going out outfit…

For some ideas on how to style them, Pinterest has once again come up with the goods.

So first of all we’ve got the whole cool leather jacket/diaphanous fabric juxta-position going on, with the elegant heels. Nice, very nice!

Then we have the metallic skirt/metallic shoe combination which is quite futuristic…

And finally the head to toe black which plays with texture to create some interest. 

We have a Spring wedding to go to so I’m sort of thinking that a pleated skirt would work well. With it being in early April the weather has the potential to be a) as it should be for the time of year b) snowing c) 20 degree plus – so I could have a variety of tops on standby. A bit of fake tan and some heels and that could all work quite well, plus I can wear it in the summer too. But it’s early days yet…

I hope that 2016 is off to a cracking start and many thanks to all who have left feedback on the new style blog posts. I will respond to you all shortly and thank you for your ideas for future posts!

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