Working in, and wearing, head to toe M&S…

I was working in M&S today (I’m back there on Saturday at Merry Hill so do come and say hi if you’re around) and I had to choose an outfit to wear whilst I was presenting. The store that I was working in had wicked air conditioning so I knew that I needed to start with knitwear. And I only had about five minutes in which to choose – so I had to be quick.

So first off I chose this Autograph funnel neck tunic (all links are below). Then I picked this striped blouse to go with it. The blouse is exactly the same style as my & Other Stories one that I’m looking to replace, only thicker, so I figured it would work. And anyway, it had to – once in the changing rooms, I had no choice!

Next up it was the trousers. As I have to be quite smart, I couldn’t opt for my usual skinny jeans/ponte trousers/M&S treggings type combo so instead I went for these Autograph trousers which have silk and merino wool in them. I found the fit to be fine and they were comfortable too, although the reviews are very mixed.

And finally, despite my initial reservations as to comfort, I wore these Autograph red heels and actually they were fine. I won’t pretend that I wouldn’t have been more comfortable in my trainers but when it came to take them off, my feet hadn’t died on me. The reviews of these shoes, which also come in black and one other colour combination, are universally good.

I was almost waiting for the “Robin Hood/Are you an artist/Do you work for British Airways?” type comments. And then I realised that there weren’t really any men around. So that didn’t happen.

The best part of my day was when one customer who came to the presentation went on to buy the whole outfit. She came back to tell me how delighted she was to have her Christmas Day outfit sorted. I would be so happy if I could do that for all of the women in the country.

Just by way of info, the tunic and trousers were a size 8 and the blouse was a 10, because there weren’t any size 8s – but it was fine. The shoes also came up true to size. For anyone who would like to see a quick video of the outfit, you can do so on Instagram here (warning: it might be a bit scary on a full screen!)

Autograph fitted funnel neck tunic (£59)

Autograph  bold striped blouse (£35)

Autograph trousers (£49.50)

Autograph shoes (£59)

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