M&S Limited Edition – Another one to add to your list of “ones to watch”?

I’m quite often asked by people where I buy my clothes. It’s probably more to do with the fact that people know that I like clothes and spend a lot of time in the shops, rather than because they look all “designer-ish” or anything. However it has got me thinking recently and amongst my list of favourite brands is Marks ad Spencer and in particular, Limited Edition. I really liked it when it was first launched a few years ago. Then it went a bit too pink, pastel and polyesterish, even for my liking but now it seems to be finding its feet in a whole new way. Bear with me and I’ll show you what I mean….

So first of all, taking a look at a few wardrobe basics. This Limited white shirt (£29) has three reviews and all give it a 5 star rating. It’s sharp and chic, a little bit Cos, which is really a little bit Acne (see below) although at £220 the Acne shirt isn’t a “little” bit anything but it is quite a lot to pay for white shirt.

The Acne shirt on which the M&S shirt is probably modelled. Or it could be the other way around. 

Now these Limited high waisted skinny jeans (£29.50) are super in many ways. The all over dark colour is slimming, they come in different leg lengths and because of the high waist, there’s no gape at the back. If you’ve struggled to find a pair of flattering jeans that stay up and stay with you when you bend down, these are definitely some to try.

Knitwear is having more of a moment this winter than in winters past. Now I admit that this all sounds a bit ridiculous given that we’re heading towards winter which is a time that we tend to wear…shock horror…knitwear! However there we go, that’s fashion for you. Anyway, Limited has this longline cardigan with scarf (£45) which ticks all of the knitwear boxes for the season. It’s grey, chunky and long with a big scarf for extra chunkiness. At £45 it’s a great price and you could easily spend double or triple on that for a cardi that, come time this year, will in all likelihood wear exactly the same as this one. (My moto for knitwear is if it’s not next to your skin and if it doesn’t obviously have baked beans/chocolate down it, don’t put it near a washing machine.)

Jumper dresses are another example of knitwear having its time in the spot light. Limited has this polo neck jumper dress (£45) which, although lighter than the one that I’m going to show you below is not dis-similar to this one….

…from Whistles, which at (£120) is nearly three times the price and although it’s not a bad price by Whistles standards and it is very lovely, it’s still pretty pricey.

This Limited denim dress (£45) is a cheeky little number for a daytime dress. It looks very short on the model and in truth it is quite short but not indecently so.

For an evening outfit, the Limited floral crop top (£35) is a cracking top, either on its own, or with the skirt shown below. Together they make a fabulous Christmas outfit or alone the top is great for pairing with anything high waisted – wide black trousers, a midi pleated skirt or high waisted skinny jeans. The fact that it is both black and blue makes it even more versatile.

The Limited lace pencil skirt (£45) works so well with the top or it could be dressed down slightly with a fitted knit, or even more so with a denim shirt and a biker jacket or a sweatshirt.

The above outfit would be a great substitute for this Whistles lace dress (£220) which whilst beautiful, and whilst it is one that I would happily own, does come with quite a big price tag.

For another idea for an evening out, this Limited sleeveless longline top (£35) offers something a little different. It would be great over skinny leather leggings or skinny jeans and as it’s more of a “skimming without clinging” top it is really useful to have in your wardrobe, especially at Christmas time.

Now I think that to get the most out of Limited, it’s wise to have a little patience with it. Often our store is not very well stocked and what’s there can look a little less than attractive. However when it is stocked well it’s a whole different ball game. An on line peruse can be a better option, as can finding out when your store is replenished. So, I hope that you like my selection and that it may offer an idea or two in the run up to Christmas. Beth x


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