An outfit for a lazy day….

You see that one step that I took outside of the front door? Well that’s as far as it went today. After this photo was taken I turned around and hot footed it back inside as quick as I could.

But at least it meant that I can report back on the Clarks Glove Candy trainers which I’ve adopted as my slippers. My dislike of slippers is quite odd really because all that I ever wanted when I was a young girl was a pair of purple mule slippers with heels and a maribou fluffy bit on the front. Classy!

Anyway, the slipper/trainers and I are getting on really well. They’re so comfortable and I like the blue on them. It just one of those things.

I’m also wearing the Boden off duty jumper which is perfect for when the rain is lashing the windows and the wind is howling outside.

In light of recent events in Paris, I’m not sure quite how to finish this post. It seems trite to finish with anything flippant or lighthearted so instead, I wish that you all keep safe this week. x

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