Grey felt – one of my favourite fabrics of the season. From hats, to coats and shoes, I have it covered.

There’s something about felt, particularly grey felt, which I find really appealing in a winter fabric. Not only is it heavy and warm but it feels luxurious and smart whatever its price tag – plus it doesn’t crease. Now clearly I’m not wearing grey felt above but I am wearing a sort of camel felt, by virtue of this sleeveless coat from Warehouse (£69).

But anyway, back to grey felt. As you can see from the Pinterest images below, virtually every piece of clothing imaginable comes in grey felt – from hats (Fedoras are still a huge trend this season)…

….to coats and trousers…thanks Olivia, you’re a beauty in your felt!

…to shoes…

And whilst out and about on my travels recently, I’ve come across these grey felt pieces.

First off, Next has this amazing grey brushed wrap skirt (£40) which is fabulous. Tapping into that whole wrap skirt look, which is having a massive revival this season, it feels much more expensive than its £40 price tag. That’s one thing that I really do like about Next. Each season they have  a few pieces which are just so perfect that they look as if they have walked into the shop from somewhere else and jumped on a rack waiting to be found. (Sorry Next but you know what I mean!) With boots or Mary Janes it’s a really versatile skirt. Wear it with a chunky roll neck or a finer fitted jumper and biker jacket and it’s a really wardrobe work horse.

Zara has these wide leg trousers (£39.99) which I’ve had my eye on for a while. Whether they would quite work for me as trousers I’m not sure but I’m very tempted to buy them and have them made into midi length culottes as so far, I haven’t managed to find any grey felt culottes that I like. Both Whistles and Cos have some but they’re not quite right. These however, I can imagine working.

Completely impractical I will admit, but I’ve loved these Whistles felt sandals (£165) since I first saw them a few weeks ago. Worn with thick black tights, they would do a great job of giving some pieces in your wardrobe a kick up the butt – dragging them kicking and screaming into this season and all for the price of £165. Convinced? No, me neither. Maybe if they were £40 I would be.

And this is my latest find – a Primark bag (£18) within Selfridges which just makes the shopping experience a whole lot more pleasant. This bag is grey felt with black mock croc on it AND it’s a back pack which is great for our Monday morning scooter rides to school when we have the following to carry: Rucksack, PE kit bag, swimming bag, flute. Yep, I often arrive in a hot and sweaty state having carried most of the bags whilst running alongside the scooter and this could help with that. How I’m not quite sure but in the interests of research, I’m prepared to give it a go.

Are you sharing the grey felt love or steering clear of it?  If you find any grey felt pieces on your travels, please do share them with me. I’m always on the look out for more!

Oh and before I forget, I’ve published a new vlog which you can watch here. So many women are wearing the wrong bra size and in this vlog I show you what to look for when fitting a bra yourself. It’s not so much about the measurements (we all know how brands vary!) but more about how it should look, where it should sit and so on. I’ll expand on it a little more tomorrow (if you’ll excuse the pun!) x


  1. Carol
    October 4, 2015 / 6:12 am

    Love the grey skirt – might check it out. It will make a nice change from jeans this winter! Your outfit in the photo is fab. I wasn't into sleeveless coats/long waistcoats but am coming round to them. Where is yours from? And the boots too?

  2. StyleGuile
    October 6, 2015 / 7:53 pm

    Hi Carol – I can see you owning a sleeveless coat before too long! The grey skirt is really lovely – in real life too! My sleeveless coat is from Warehouse (link in the post) and my boots are from Whistles. Thank you – so pleased that you liked it all! x

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