In today’s NEW vlog I’m talking about fringes and all things fringed….

We all know that I’ve been wittering on about buying a fringed bag for a while now and finally I found one that I liked with reference to price, colour and the amount of fringing that it had on it.

I’m a bit of tinker when I get a new bag and I just use it non-stop, which is what I’ve done over the weekend. But I do love a red bag, especially if it’s a red bag that I can wear across my body and even more so if it’s a good price and with a tassel or two.

So, here’s a picture of the GAP tassel bag (showing as £32.95 online but I paid £14.95 for mine in store). You can see it much better in my new vlog, which is available to watch here.

In the vlog I’m wearing this M&S tie neck blouse (£29.50) which can be seen much more clearly than when I wore it underneath the dungarees in my last vlog. Why don’t you give it the good once over to see what you think?!

Plus there’s a surprise Zara top on the vlog which has tassels (and a mind) all of its own – but unfortunately once again, no link. Sorry!

I do hope that you enjoy the vlog. As well as fringing, there’s a little bit of a fringe chat going on too. What do you all think to VB’s new fringe? I have a little something to share with you about it!

Please do let me have your thoughts, comments and views.  Have a great week. Beth x


  1. Rae
    October 1, 2015 / 4:33 pm

    I've been really enjoying your vlogs, Beth. You're so witty! I clearly watched too many of them last night before bed because I then dreamt that you were on the Great British Bake off making a smartie cake. It looked superb you'll be pleased to hear.Now I have a request, and I'm getting deja vue as I'm sure I asked last year. but perhaps I didn't and I just thought about it last year. Anyway. I'm really rubbish at putting together outfits and need inspiration. Trouble is, this time of year I can only find models wearing coats, jumpers and tweed skirts with bare legs for heavens sake. I guess I'm getting old, right?So where do I go for inspiration? Who's showing us how to wear thick tights and boots with skirts and dresses? Who's showing us how to cover up and still look stylish?

    • StyleGuile
      October 3, 2015 / 9:06 pm

      Hi Rae – oh that's so funny about the GBBO, especially as my friend has just won a local GBBO for her Victoria Sponge. Love the sound of the smartie cake – glad that it turned out well. I have to say that I don't remember you mentioning this last year but I'm very happy to admit that I'm wrong about most things in life, so I'm sure that you did. Apologies for not addressing this. In answer to your question, I don't really know the answer to that, I must admit. Perhaps Boden. However I will make it my mission to answer it for you in a vlog post fairly soon – which will be in contrast to my recent post where I take my top off, rather than put things on!

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