An outfit for the school run….

Yesterday I had to buy an umbrella. And why did I have to do that? Well, I insisted on walking to school without (in my defence) realising that the heavens were going to open. But they did – big style – and I had three choices a) to wait until lunchtime for the rain to stop before walking home (tempting but lurking in the doorway of our local M&S for three plus hours probably wouldn’t have been a good look) b) to get my new Oasis coat soaked (not flippin’ likely) c) to buy an umbrella. Or as my friend pointed out, there was an option d) which would have been to get a cab – and in fairness this would have been cheaper. Anyway the youngest thought that it was highly amusing and that it served me right for making her walk/scooter to school. She’ll thank me when she’s older. Actually scrap that, who ever thanks their parents for making them walk to school? They just torture them with the fact, making them feel guilty at family gatherings.

When I’m dressing for the school run – as opposed to the school “drive” I always work from the ground upwards. Adidas trainers, new Whistles high rise skinny jeans (bad move on a Monday morning – breathing is actually quite necessary in life, or rather, for life), silk shirt, one of my favourite slogan jumpers (New Look special last winter) and my new coat – which created a whole little story of its own.

Capes, ponchos, sleeveless coats – I’m trying to get as much wear as possible out of the lot of them before the winter sets in and it’s thermals and duvet style coats all the way!

Hope that you’re all having a good week, dodging the rain and not spending your pennies on unnecessary purchases as a result of being a sparent (stubborn parent – it’s an addition to the tiger mother/helicopter parent/snowplough parent theme – poor, I know but it’s the best that I can come up with!)

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