Skinted vs minted – Topshop vs Russell & Bromley. Who is going to come out on top?

I just can’t go on any longer without saying something. It’s just not right.

These Russell & Bromley shoes are EVERYWHERE at the moment. They are the one pair of shoes that those in the fashion know have identified as being this season’s “must have” shoes and they are in every September issue, every weekly magazine and every supplement known to man. In fact it’s virtually impossible to open a mag at the moment and not been greeted by them.

These are the shoe in question – the Russell and Bromley Collisee, which are £185.  (Please excuse the image, I don’t think that the folks from R&B like us using them that much and for the life of me I can’t link to them either, which makes me even more suspicious).

So what is is that I need to share? What is it that I have to get off my chest? What is it that causes me sleepless nights and much angst? (OK, slight exaggeration there).

It is this. That the Topshop Jive mid heel court shoe (£46) is virtually the same as the Russell & Bromley shoe and it bugs me to bits that those in the fashion know don’t also share these shoes with us. I feel that it’s pretty deceitful because if I know that they are out there (and they have been well and truly out there – since January infact) then they must know that too.

OK, so cards on the table time, just in case anyone decides to pull me up on it. I’ll admit that the Topshop shoes have a moc croc finish, rather than a plain finish – but personally I prefer that. Also, they’re not leather – although this could be seen as a good thing, particularly for veggies. They have an ankle strap, rather than a “across the foot” strap, but the R&B strap is so high as to virtually be an ankle strap. And whilst I understand that some will prefer to pay the R&B price for an R&B shoe and that they may well be better made, for those who covet this style of shoe but can’t afford them, then I think (and hope) that these offer an acceptable solution. They also come in a wine/burgundy colour, which is going to be a huge colour for the season.

Phew! You cannot imagine how much better I feel now that I’ve got that off my chest. Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone! Beth x


  1. Keri Lou
    August 31, 2015 / 10:24 am

    I'm undecided about these at the moment. I bought into the Ghillie lace ups in the Spring and have bearly worn them. Give me another month and I'll be crying because they have all sold out 🙂 Keri x

  2. StyleGuile
    August 31, 2015 / 9:22 pm

    Hi Keri – ah that's a shame that you haven't worn your Ghillies. Maybe next summer? I'm sure that they will still be around then. I love these – they're a good all rounder but not everything is for everyone. There will be something else that grabs you no doubt! x

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