I’ve been “blog bombed” by my photographer and artistic director!

I don’t often hand the blog over to anyone else – although I’m very happy to feature anyone who would like to be on it. However, after it was suggested by Donna at I won’t wear sludge brown that Matilda should take the blog over, I thought that I would introduce you to my seven year old photographer and artistic director – because without her things wouldn’t run as smoothly as they do. 

Interestingly she’s really not fussed about clothes. She just checks the weather, gets dressed and often tops the outfit off with her favourite M&S cardigan (above). She was most cross with me today when I was sorting out some of her older sister’s clothes which I had kept for her. “Stop trying to make me interested in clothes ” she said. (I wasn’t. She has one pair of jeans that fit and that’s not enough trousers for Wales, which is where we are headed next week.)

Matilda also dislikes taking photos. She says my shots are boring so to make them less so, we always do a “funky” shot at the end. “THIS is how you’re meant to do it.” she says. Sometimes we have to do a “fierce” shot or a “pop star” shot. I agree with her. They’re much more fun and I think that a few more will be making an appearance on here. Although she doesn’t really like taking the photos, she takes her job seriously. So seriously that she pulls ridiculous faces when she’s taking them so that my grin – ridiculous as that also may be – is genuine. Which it is. She’s great at going cross eyed. A trick I’ve never been able to master.

Her Onesie is another favourite outfit. We like our cosy things in this house. In fact I would go so far as to say that Onesies have influenced a lot of my fashion choices recently. But more about that in my next post.

And the best shots are the fun ones. This dress is one that she chose from M&S on our one and only shopping trip ever – the same trip that she chose her cardigan – and the cat print green dress in the top right pic below. I think that she looks like some slightly mad creature from a Roald Dahl book, which is quite apt really, given her name.

Now I know that many of you will be in the same boat as me tomorrow – finding out the GCSE results, so I hope that goes really well for everyone. Additionally I am tasked with the job of going down to school, collecting them, opening them and telling NO ONE the results (other than Mr SG) until Flo gets home from London tomorrow night. It’s all under her direction and I’m terrified of cocking the whole thing up. I expect that I will have a stress dream tonight – turning up late, the wind whipping the results out of my hands, opening them and tearing them up inadvertently. I’m more nervous than if they were my own. And what I’ve realised is that, unlike most things in life that cause us stress, there’s no point doing any kind of prep because it’s all decided, which is weird. Often doing some research, getting a good night’s sleep, wearing a nice outfit, having a good breakfast, listening to words of wisdom or the right music – all of that might help but not tomorrow. I can turn up naked and it won’t make any difference. And now I’m waffling. See how nervous I am? I think that I had better go…..

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