A Baukjen playsuit and a thought for the day (although not quite as deep as the Radio 4 version!)

Baukjen playsuit, Whistles scarf, Topshop Ghillie flats, M&S leather bag

You’ve all seen this Baukjen playsuit (similar here and here) a few times now. I think that there’s something quite lovely about wearing an item of clothing which, when you bought it, you weren’t really sure whether you were ever really going to be brave enough to wear it…or not…and then wearing it alot. And it’s funny how that can happen.

You see I can’t get over the feeling that if I wore dungarees, I would feel an idiot in them, even though I like them on others, but for some reason this playsuit doesn’t bother me. Equally I wear my denim jumpsuit without thinking twice about it, whereas friends of mine have asked me if I feel OK wearing it. I just love the psychology of clothes – they have the capability to evoke such fascinating thoughts and emotions in us.

And on that profound note I shall bid you all farewell and wish you a lovely evening. x


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