Sharing a couple of new pink acquisitions….

Today I wanted to share my current favourite flat shoes with you – the Boden Alice flats (£59.40 in the sale). I have had them for a few weeks now and the first thing that I did when they arrive was to treat them with some suede protector. The second thing that I did with them was to wipe my foot under the tyre of a car, leaving a lovely black stripe down the front of one of them. I must admit that I haven’t got around to trying to get it off yet. But (naively no doubt) I am hopeful.

Anyway, the reason for the special mention is because they are so comfortable and being a serious trainer wearer, it’s something that I focus on quite a lot when it comes to shoes. Generally I figure that if I can walk a mile in a pair of shoes without them hurting, I can probably walk in them for hours without any problems. Obviously the fact that they are pink and have a tassel on them has nothing to do with it. Nothing whatsoever.

I know that many of you struggle with finding comfortable shoes that are stylish so hopefully these may help. And unlike other flat shoes, they really don’t make me feel dumpy. Ballet flats and I do not get on at all and I’m convinced that having a pointed toe makes all the difference – and really they don’t crush your toes.

And in addition to my favourite pink shoes I’m going to share with you my other new favourite pink acquisition…

Words cannot express how much I love our new pink bin. I think taking enjoyment from the smaller things in life is what it’s all about – not that it is insignificant but you know what I mean – it’s not a new car, or a holiday in the Bahamas either.


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