Giving the J. Crew beach tassel tunic its very first outing (at last)!

Just a quick OOTD today as at last the sun has been shining and we have been able to go out and about. Today we went to Sark, which was absolutely beautiful. I haven’t been for many years but it was just as magical as it always was.

“I feel like Anne of Green Gables” I shouted as I whizzed down the lanes on my bike.
“You don’t look like her” came the witty reply. But really, Sark is like a mixture of Anne of Green Gables and the Famous Five.

However this is an outfit that I wore yesterday when, for the first time during our two weeks away, the sun actually shone. I bought this embroidered tassel beach tunic from J. Crew when I was in America a few weeks ago and I was really happy to be able to wear it. It’s quite good for Guernsey because the fabric is quite substantial so it just about kept the breeze at bay.

Last day tomorrow and the sun is predicted to shine. For anyone coming here next week, it looks as though your luck may be in!

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  1. Sue
    August 1, 2015 / 3:01 pm

    You look amazing in it! And there are some unwitty folk around aren't there? Was he male by any chance ;o)

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