The outfit that I wore whilst presenting an M&S fashion show…

It’s always nice to be invited to do something and a few weeks ago I was asked by M&S to go down to their Camberley store for two days to prep for and present a new style of loyalty event.

Ordinarily the style events are run in about 40 stores around the country over a two day period. Presentations are run every hour on the hour and during that time the stylists talk through trends, advise on bodyshape, build outfits, accessorize, talk about underwear and generally show the brand at its best. However this event was somewhat different in that it was run very much more like a fashion show in that there were four models, a catwalk and music.

When the stage is finally set but there’s no one about it reminds me of a ghost ship – eerily calm. The set was built on the Wednesday night after I had left the store for the evening so it was strange to see it there on Thursday morning.

The first day was spent pulling the product, photographing it and getting the outfits approved, tweaking bits and changing sizes, sorting out the running order, labelling the clothes up for the models, marking out the catwalk in a training room for the run through the next day and so on. 

The second day was spent fitting the models, making the final changes to the outfits, doing a technical run through with the music, de-tagging everything and then getting the models into hair and make-up before the first show at 6pm. I have to say that all the prep was very much a team effort and that I wasn’t in charge of the team – I was just a very small part of it! 

When presenting these events I get to choose an outfit to wear – the only proviso being that it’s smart, and that there’s plenty of availability. I get such little time to take photos during the prep – or at all – but someone did take the above snap for me and this what I wore…

 M&S floral lace pencil skirt (£39) – I loved wearing this skirt. It was so comfortable, had a great length and the colour was fabulous. Even given the distance in this photograph you can see how bright it is. For anyone who works in an environment where this type of skirt would work, I would strongly recommend trying it. It would also be good at a formal event, such as a wedding or christening.

Then I opted for this M&S textured boxy top (£19). With the skirt being so bright I was happy for that to take centre stage, with the top very much playing second fiddle.

But then I opted for a piece of statement jewellery, just to balance the outfit out. I chose this Limited Edition chain link necklace (£18) because I liked the blue of the necklace with the coral skirt.

And finally, I opted for these Autograph shoes (£55). Again there has to be sufficient availability and I like to wear heels for these events – especially as the models went on to the stage first – all 5ft 10″ of them on average – and then I had to come out second. What a disappointment to the audience – the dumpy, ugly one!

So what do you think to the outfit? Is anyone tempted by the skirt? I know of a few people who might  just like its very bright colour….


  1. Briella Lane
    June 15, 2015 / 11:16 am

    love the skirt. Would look great with a denim shirt.

    • StyleGuile
      June 15, 2015 / 9:04 pm

      Hi Briella – thank you and yes, it would. Autograph have the perfect tencel one at the moment too! x

  2. Gareth From
    June 21, 2015 / 6:40 pm

    That floral lace pencil skirt is just gorgeous. Such delicate detailing and a lovely colour x

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