A new version of the Mango Martina Flares….some of my favourite flares…

The Martina flare in a style of jean that Mango have been stocking for a few years now. I have a denim pair but when I came across the same jeans but made from lyocell (£34.99) I was intrigued.

Apparently (so I’ve just read) Tencel is the brand name for lyocell, which makes me happy as I thought from their feel that they were tencel and that’s what I had in mind that I was buying.

It’s fair to say that when stationary they don’t photograph that well – but they are much better on the move. I like that they are soft and draped and in the summer they will be much cooler than denim. The high waist is comfortable too and they hit the flared trend in an affordable way. I just don’t understand the cost of jeans any more. I know that for some people a well priced pair of jeans is a good investment and truly worth it but it seems that all jeans that are featured in magazines at the moment are £180 plus – although the odd pair of Topshop ones are normally thrown in, just to keep people (like me) happy. I know, don’t shout me down!!

Predictably with Mango jeans they come up really long, which is great if standard length jeans happen to be on the short side for you.

The jumper that I am wearing is new on but not new, having been sitting in the wardrobe for a while. I love a cream jumper in the summer and this one is an M&S Limited Edition one now – but it’s no longer new enough to be on the site 🙁

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