The hunt for the perfect white jeans is on and has been for some time now…..any ideas anyone?

Today I just couldn’t face the idea of jeans again, so I forced myself kicking and screaming into a dress and unsurprisingly, it wasn’t all that bad. This Whistles denim dress has really wide sleeves so I’m limited as to what I can get over the top. With a trip to soft play planned (oh the joy) there was a risk that it could be cold and so it was all about the warmth and not the style. This Barcelona cardi from Boden stepped up to the mark though.

A couple of days ago I got some of my summer clothes out. I’m not quite sure why because there hasn’t really been any suggestion that summer is on its way but you never know when it’s about to appear and I would hate not to be prepared.

One of the items that I found, with some slight glee I have to admit, were some white flared jeans from H&M that I’ve had for about three or four years now. When the time is right, assuming that I like them when they’re on, I will wear them. I also have some GAP skinny ones with rips in them but they irritate the wotsits out of me because they are too low rise and when I bend over they slide down my bum, which is not a good look on any level.

So what I am really after are some straight/boyfriend style white jeans. My search started a couple of weeks ago with the  Hush white boyfriend jeans (£75). I had high hopes of these but even when they were on their way I was given the heads up by a friend that the 8 were big and she wasn’t wrong. They were really big on the waist, to the point that they were a bit slouchy around the crotch. Again, not a good look. The model can get away with it – less so on mere mortals!

Next I looked to GAP but they didn’t have any in store, although they had these destructed boyfriend jeans online for £44.95. I like the shape of these but I’m not after rips (this time).

Topshop didn’t have what I was after in store either but I do like the Moto Mom jeans (£40 online) and as I haven’t tried any of those (well, not since I wore them when they were last trendy in 1989) I have ordered them. I figure that they could be good – or failing that, good for a laugh!

My other plan, which I have to admit failed spectacularly, was to buy some high rise H&M skinny jeans (£7.99) in a much bigger size than I would normally take, to see whether I could get some slouch into them. As I’ve eluded to, it didn’t work. They didn’t seem any wider on the legs so they kind of got stuck on my calves but then the waist stood out by about 4″ and the crotch was around my knees. Again, not a good look. But had it worked they would have been a real coup. They’re not online so I can’t share them – sorry.

I love the fit of these from Seven but at £180 they’re not going to be happening any time soon.

I’ve also checked out Whistles, Oasis, Jigsaw and Warehouse, just in case anyone was after some slightly slouchy white jeans too but they haven’t come up with the goods (so far).

The Next relaxed skinny might be an option (£26) but I’ve just realised that they are distressed and so am I now too as I didn’t want ripped ones. Well they’re for the high jump before they’ve even been ordered.

So the hunt continues. If anyone has top tips on slightly slouchy boyfriend/straight jeans, please do share them!


  1. Cocomamastyle
    April 11, 2015 / 6:45 pm

    I have the Bext ones and adore them! Great rise, fit and shape. But yes if you specifically don't want distressing they aren't really for you. But at £26 I don't mind if I later want a second, smarter pair!

    • Cocomamastyle
      April 11, 2015 / 6:47 pm

      Next not Bext!

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