The GAP sexy boyfriend jeans live to fight another day….

I’ve had these GAP sexy boyfriend jeans for a few years now. At first I loved them and then I didn’t but now that I’ve rediscovered them, I can’t take them off. Handily they fit in well with my “uniform” approach to dressing that I’ve adopted this week and worn with these Jigsaw sandals – which again I can’t take off, a pale yellow Topshop jumper and this lovely necklace from a friend, that was me done.

GAP sexy boyfriend jeans (£40.46)

I love yellow but unless it’s the right shade it totally kills me. In fact people around me have been known to pull a face when I wear certain shades of yellow but the creamy yellow of the jumper above works fine. It’s then that I wish I had a different skin colour. Victoria Beckham used to be a different colour but she’s not pasty and pale any more. How has that happened? Has she really been fake tanned for the last 20 years or so? Crikey, imagine her bed sheets.

Maybe it’s time to think about whether you too have any old favourites that have temporarily been consigned to the back of the cupboard – just to see if you can give them a new lease of life. Let me know how you get on!

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