The different approaches to getting dressed and how to take the stress out deciding what to wear each day…

Outfit: Whistles jeans and jacket, M&S shoes, French Connection jumper, Zara scarf, Oushka bag

I’ve concluded that there are different methods of getting dressed and these are some of them:

  • Wearing what you wore the day before but with the necessary underwear changes – this is the quickest and easiest way of getting dressed, short of staying in your PJs;
  • Getting ready for a fancy pants do, where you know what you’re going to wear but it just takes a while to get ready, what with all the make-up faffing and stuff;
  • Having something new to wear – again you know what you’re going to wear but it may take a minute or so to get it right, depending on how you’re styling it;
  • Getting dressed for a particular activity – yoga/swimming/running/surfing etc where specific clothing is required which makes it easy;
  • Every other day of the year where you (OK, I) sort of know what I’m going to wear, decide it’s boring/it was done not that long ago, try something else, decide that’s not right (too cold, too warm, too long, too short, legs not brown enough) and then revert to plan A – having wasted 10 minutes in the process.

Last week I read about a woman who decided that men had it easy at work because, effectively, they could wear the same thing every day. To make her life simpler, she decided to do the same as the men and wore the same thing to work for a year. 

So to cut out the middle man, that’s what I’m doing this week. I’m not wearing the same thing but I am wearing a simple combination of jeans (or trousers) OK I lie it’s mostly jeans, a jumper (so no blouses or fancy tops etc) and a jacket. And that’s it. Job done – apart from the striped scarf but that’s not going too far off plan. I’m on day 3 and so far it’s fine. I suppose it’s a little like Jennifer Aniston eating the same lunch for 10 years when she was filming Friends. Except that I’m not Jennifer Aniston. Or a salad. 

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