Jigsaw sunnies and a French Connection shirt because the sun is continuing to shine (yippeeee!)…

” I liked your recent blog post.” said Mr SG when he came home from work the other day. “You called me the lovely Mr SG. Except the Jigsaw gift card that this lovely Mr SG gave you for Valentine’s day was for £100 but the Jigsaw shoes you bought were £149.” Okaaaay.  Anyway, all it took was a little bit of explaining and Mr SG got the picture…..silk top or a piece of knitwear for £100 which I would probably trash in one season, or £149 on a pair of shoes that would last me for 10 years? (I have plenty of evidence to back this up.) You see, I was doing the family finances a favour after all.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but it takes more than just the first sign of sun before I can even contemplate getting anything out – but today, after the second or third day, I braved it and out came the ankles and a forearm (or two). And as for accessories? Time for the espadrilles – I know, steady on – and the sunnies. Oh there was so much flesh on display in Birmingham today that it would have been easy to mistake it for Rio carnival.

I’m wearing the Jigsaw Imogen sunglasses (£55) above which I liked just because they were a little different. They’re not too dark so I can keep them on all of the time. For some reason darker lenses disorientate me slightly. No idea why!

I’m also wearing this French Connection cropped shirt (£50) which felt about right for today. It’s made of tencel so it’s soft and a little bit draped but it has some weight to it too. For me it’s an easy no brainer type of shirt.

Before it got too warm I wore a khaki Kew jacket. This one is very old now but if I was starting from scratch I would probably go for the Mango one that I featured on my last post or the Hush military jacket  (£65) below.

I hope that the sun continues, or starts, to shine wherever you may be!

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