Working with M&S and wearing their Autograph floral blouse and Limited Collection striped shoe (with just a little something between the two!)

I’ve been working with M&S in Birmingham today at their loyalty event, presenting hourly shows between 11am and 6pm and I’ll be there again tomorrow for anyone who would like to drop by and say hi. As well as selecting the outfits and accessories to talk about, I have to choose something to wear myself. I usually end up leaving about 20 seconds flat to choose something and today this is what I ran with…..

…collared neck floral blouse Autograph (£35)

This sold out in store today, so tomorrow I think that I may have to swap it for something else. It’s a really lovely shirt though and I also managed to layer a vest and long-sleeved top underneath for added warmth. Although the 8 fitted fine and would have worked with a skirt, because my trousers were so fitted I wanted a slightly looser silhouette on the top half so went I with a size 10.

I still cannot believe that I am about to say this but this pair of Treggings (£35) is quite possibly the most comfortable pair of trousers that I have ever worn. I had a microphone pack clipped to the back of them all day and they didn’t move an inch. No gape, no moving when I bent down, thick supportive fabric and no bagging whatsoever. Everyone on the team was really impressed with them.

I’ve read the reviews just to see what others thought and it seems that people were unanimous in their love of the quality but reviews were mixed as to fit, which is understandable really given that we come in all different shapes and sizes. They come in black, navy and burgundy and different leg lengths too.

I also wore this Limited Edition striped shoe, which are sadly out of stock on line but there were still a few pairs in our store.

As to things that I have my eye on, a draped mac is steadily heading its way up my list of “items I would like to have in my spring wardrobe.” I’ve been working with the one from M&S Collection (£75) all day, although I haven’t had a chance to try it yet (there’s always tomorrow) and there’s also one at Autograph (£99). Personally I prefer them when they are un-done and a little more flappy!

I’ve also been working with these wedge loafers by Limited Edition (£23.60) today and I really like them but I must try them tomorrow to check them out for fit and comfort. I love a metallic shoe and these would look great with boyfriend jeans, a breton top and a mac like the one above.

I will be in the store early tomorrow so that I can suss out what has been delivered overnight, so that I can swap the outfits around a little and so that I can choose a different top to wear. Watch this space! Oh and one of the Managers was wearing the leather ponte leggings (£99) today and she swore by them – just in case anyone was tempted.


  1. Sue Wilty
    March 28, 2015 / 8:18 am

    Popped up to Sprucefield store yesterday – looking at your own outfit your presentation must have been great, wasn't overly impressed with the one here! Love the Mac!

  2. StyleGuile
    April 8, 2015 / 8:51 pm

    Hi Sue – lovely to hear from you. Hope that everything is good with you! It's a shame that your presentation wasn't so good – there are some lovely things in M&S at the moment – esp the mac!

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