Seeing stars in jumpers, tees and jewellery….

Is it just me or does anyone else ever have the desire to hire a skip and just chuck everything in it? I can imagine sitting around the dinner table and someone asking where one of the children is, only to hear a muffled yell from the drive as it transpires that I’ve inadvertently thrown a small child in there too. Today I found an organisation that comes and collects unwanted furniture and I must admit that I’m tempted to let them come in and have free rein, taking whatever they fancy. That would give Mr SG a shock when he came home.

Anyway, on to today’s post – STARS! Who doesn’t love a star or two? To my way of thinking they fall in the same category as stripes. They’re a little more sophisticated than some prints – such as floral or hearts – and  they’re a little less girlie, which can be preferable.  They are fairly subtle and not too overwhelming on smaller frames, whilst at the same time having that slight cool/insouciant feel about them. Not too try hard. Just there.

It was whilst I was flicking through the new Hush catalogue that I was struck by their great collection of star items. I had a grey jumper from there last year and I have to say that there are several other items that could quite easily tempt me….

This star gazer jumper (£69.50) is one of my favourites – probably because it combines two of my current favourite colours. Love it with this fab denim skirt which isn’t for my legs but is definitely for someone else’s!

There’s also this style of star jumper (£69.50) that comes in four different colourways…

There’s also a star gazer tee (£30) which would look great with denim and tan accessories – or indeed just a tan!

This tee also comes in a blue colourway (£30) and I really like it with these relaxed trousers (£45) although I think being super tall, super slim and rather beautiful helps to make them look as good as they do here!

One of my favourite accessories that I have seen so far this season is this tassel necklace (£39.50) which comes in turquoise, neon coral and neon pink. I had one similar last summer and I loved wearing it. It’s light, bright, a little bit boho and does a great job of giving a bit of life to a plain tee and blazer.

But keeping with the star theme, there’s star stud earrings (£34.95)…

Anyone else tempted?!! This time of year is very dangerous. We can just start to see a glimpse of spring and with it a whole new wardrobe…

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  1. Sharon
    March 4, 2015 / 9:52 am

    Just received the Hush catalogue too…very tempted by the star gazer tee, and the free delivery/returns offer has persuaded me!!! Going for the gold star version…but also tempted by the coral star jumper!! Might just have to treat myself to both as it is my birthday and bonus month!!!

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