Denim, denim, denim….what is it all about? Well I (may) have the answer.

So, you may ask yourself, how can it be that denim is a trend this season? As we all know, denim is always all over the high street, so it’s difficult to see how it can be new, fresh, or updated in anyway. Well it can and here I’ve done a whizz through how you might wear it slightly differently than you have done before.

When it comes to jeans, we’ve gone from bootleg, to skinnies, to boyfriend and mom and now (back) to flares but wide leg jeans haven’t really had a moment of their own. However Whistles (£95) has this pair which are a lovely change from our usual suspects – and they are surprisingly flattering. Don’t forget the 25% Grazia discount at Whistles until the 15th. Boden also has a pair too.

These GAP denim joggers (£34.95) are a nice soft, lightweight fabric for the summer and the shape is a refreshing change too. I love them with heels but they will look equally good with flats – either pointy, or lace-up ballerinas, maybe deck shoes, espadrilles or the nerdy sandals I wrote about the other day. Lots of options so have a play!

There are lots of dungarees around and with many brands sold out, people may want to take a look at these Whistles slim dungarees (£120). I like how they’ve styled them here – much more sophisticated than some takes on them (my own included!!)

I’ve been in two minds about denim jackets for many years now but I really like this Whistles frayed edge denim jacket (£95). I think that it’s because it doesn’t have a collar, which makes it look more up to date. Lovely with a white cotton dress and silver shoes in the spring.

Then there’s the GAP bomber jacket (£44.95) – again a more modern shape than the traditional very boxy shape of the 90’s. There’s 40% off at GAP at the moment too (if you sign up for their emails) which makes their clothing a really good price.

I’ve been waiting for these Warehouse denim culottes (£42) to come into the stores for ages. They have just appeared on line. That length could be tricky, very tricky and most mere mortals may need heels to pull them off but I shall investigate further and let you all know!

OK so this isn’t so much out there as a wardrobe staple. It’s the Miss Selfridge shirt dress (£42) which seems to be in limited supply at the moment – probably for good reason. I like a shirt dress for the summer. It’s great for lots of shapes and don’t be put off by the pockets, even if you do have a curvier bust. Kirsty was wearing a shirt dress on Location only moments ago and it looked great on her and she’s not lacking in the boobage department.

When it comes to a shirt or blouse, this French Connection denim shirt from John Lewis (£50) is a refreshing change from a more traditional style. Because it’s quite short, it should work well with a higher waisted full style skirt as hopefully it won’t cover the waistband – again I’ll report back once I’ve tried it.

I felt that I needed to update my own home made denim cut offs and yesterday I bought these GAP boyfriend shorts (£29.95). I liked the colour, the slightly slouchy fit, the length and the price. I wasn’t so sure about me in them and I found the ribbed marks around my legs from my socks slightly off putting but you can’t have everything.

And finally for shoes, GAP have these denim sneakers (£29.95), which are an easy denim addition to make to your wardrobe.

There is so much denim out there at the moment and this is only the tip of the denim ice-berg but hopefully it will offer a flavour of what is available. There’s also a great boiler suit/jumpsuit in GAP but I can’t see it on line. Has anyone tried it? Would love to hear about it if so!

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  1. What if I wore it the first Time
    March 11, 2015 / 11:27 pm

    I have just picked up the WHistles jacket from my local JOhn LEwis click and collect. I wasn't sure I really needed it but I think I can see its potential now you have featured it here I think it will be a keeper. I didn't get the GRazia discount. It was sold out on their own website which I suppose tells a story.

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