Can I per(suede) you to come along for the fringing ride?

I’ve never really been a fan of fringing and I’m thinking very much no to these….(Zara £99.99)

But on the other hand I could quite easily be persuaded by these – they are much more subtle. Love the suede – such a big fabric for the season – and I’m always a sucker for a wooden heel…

and as for these, well they’re pretty much a done deal. Lovely with pretty white dresses, lovely with flares, great with a boho style dress…

and as for this. Well this would integrate itself easily and seamlessly into my wardrobe…

 …and this is just fun, fun, fun – and all wardrobes need a little bit of that from time to time!

1. Leather fringe t-bar black sandals Next £58

2. Leather fringe t-bar tan sandals Next £58

3. Blue fringe hobo bag Next £34

4. Fringe cross body bag Next £30

Are you with me or running to the hills at the thought of a little bit of fringing. If I can’t tempt you with fringing, how about a tassel – or two??!!

5. Blue tassel bracelet Next £10

You know the saying that the apple never falls far from the tree? Well our youngest has been invited to take part in gym competition but has refused on the basis that….she doesn’t like the leotard. As I started to roll my eyes in despair, I was suddenly struck by a memory of a little girl who refused, point blank, to even consider joining brownies because she didn’t like the horrible brown outfit that they had to wear and as for the yellow neck thing. Yuk. Hmmm. Wonder who that might have been? Time to un-roll those eyes, if that’s possible.

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