Adding warmth to your outfit – this time in the style of a kimono shaped jacket

For a chilly wimp bag like myself, I have to come up with new ways and styles of keeping warm. Quite often I will wear a jersey blazer over a finer knit jumper, or a boucle style jacket, of which I have a couple. However just before Christmas I ordered the Barcelona cardigan from Boden (£44), which also comes in navy and charcoal.

Liking the fact that I could wrap it around myself to keep myself snug, I went on to order this Rye Kimono jacket from Baukjen (reduced from £169 to £84). So much of the knitwear available at the moment is oversized so if like me you can’t carry it off, or if a bit of waist definition suits your shape better, these style jackets/cardis are a pretty good option.

I think that I look a bit like I’m off to do my karate. I’m not quite sure how you translate the sound of a karate chop into words but I’ll try “Haaaaaa Yaaaaa.” How did I do?

Speaking of going off to do things, tomorrow a friend and myself are going to do a 12km mud run. The words “lung busting, lung burning and waist deep water” feature in the literature. Sounds fun don’t you think?

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  1. What Lou Wore 365
    March 21, 2015 / 6:41 pm

    Yes lots of fun, but if you've learnt anything about me from my comments on your blog it's that I love running (and hearing about it – more please!)Have fun & good luck :)

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