A little casual sparkle (from Victoria’s Secrets) for a day of DIY!

This is the type of outfit that you wear when you’ve spent hours putting Ikea wardrobes together, only to realise that it’s time that you should be at school and that you don’t have time to change. So what to do? Ah-ha! That’s where a black blazer and a big scarf comes in handy – and as luck would have it, a trend for joggers and trainers. Oh how I love these times of dressing down – imagine that in the 1940’s!

I bought these black joggers from Victoria’s Secret just before Christmas. They have a slight sparkle to them and they needed a good wearing in, which they certainly had today.  Last Friday I went to Ikea and bought 3 wardrobes and whilst I was working on Saturday, Mr SG duly took delivery of 32 boxes/packets.  Mind you, he had the last laugh because I have spent more than a few hours turning said 32 boxes into three wardrobes. Oh yes, I’m now so au fait with the construction of PAX wardrobes that I can put them together without looking at the instructions.

Tomorrow everything should come together beautifully (famous last words) as that is when all the doors will go on and the internal fittings will be finalised. And then? And then I will have about 15 bags of rubbish to take to the dump. Oh the glamour!

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