A couple of M&S beauties (including some nightwear) and a compliment….or not?!

Following on from my last post, I didn’t get an opportunity to get a photo of what I wore on Saturday whilst working with M&S but the only thing that I substituted was the top and I wore this Kimono top (£29.50). It’s a lovely silky fabric, not too clingy, not too long, lovely wide sleeves and a pretty print. It also comes in the M&S blossom print (£29.50).

The top comes up on the generous side but I managed with the size 8. It’s a great top to throw on to smarten up a pair of jeans or to wear to work without the need for a fussy blouse or the faff of ironing a shirt. If you feel that it might be limited in its appeal because of its wide sleeves, which might make wearing a jacket tricky, rest assured, you can get plenty of layers underneath it!

Whilst perusing the undies and nightwear section, I came across this lovely range of nightwear…

This is the M&S neon embroidered short set (£25) – which I might just have bought. I love shorts and a top for the summer and as this is 100% cotton it will keep me cool on those boiling hot summer nights, which are of course on the way now that the clocks have changed (!)

The range also contained this M&S neon embroidered chemise (£17.50), together with a wrap which doesn’t appear on line but which is definitely in store.

This range also appealed to the navy fan in me…

M&S ikat print short (£12.50) – I didn’t see a printed top in store or on-line but I recall that they were being sold with a navy vest top.

There’s also the M&S Ikat print chemise (£16)

And the M&S Ikat print wrap (£19.50). It’s easy to neglect our nightwear but one or two new pieces can make your wardrobe feel complete. Of course it’s much easier when you find something that you would be happy to wear as outerwear too – either because of the print or colour – and for me these tick that box perfectly.

So, recently I’ve had a couple of conversations that have got me thinking about getting older – not that it bothers me I hasten to add, I just count myself lucky to still be around. Both conversations have made me smile. Both were meant to be compliments. But I think that one was slightly more successful than the other.

First conversation:

I was taking our eldest to an interview for a sixth form place at a local grammar school. On walking in, the receptionist looked at our daughter and asked her to sign in. She then looked at me and said: “Mom, it is Mom isn’t it? I didn’t like assume because you look too young to have a 16 year old daughter. Can you just wait here please?” Now that was a good compliment.

Second conversation:

This took place with someone who was working on the loyalty event with me at M&S this weekend. She told me how she had been for a casting with QVC to sell a range of clothing but that she hadn’t been successful because she was too young and too glamourous. And then her exact words to me were: “You would be perfect for it though.” Hmmm. The conversation then turned to my age and when I told her that I was 44, she commented that she really was surprised to hear that I was quite as old as that. Once again. Hmmmm.


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