Using accessories and a blazer to jazz up your “boring old jeans”

Being in the middle of no-where can be a good thing…unless you don’t know where the middle of no-where happens to be, in which case you’re just lost.

It is for this reason that I (finally) find myself sitting in a pub blogging, whilst my son is at a party at a leisure centre somewhere not too far away (although I don’t really know where that is either). After dropping him off, I looked for a supermarket, thinking that I could spend my time productively by doing the food shopping, except that I couldn’t find one which is quite unheard of because there are Tescos everywhere (and an app no doubt to tell me, but without any signal that wasn’t going to happen).  And then I ended up down various unlit country lanes which just doesn’t happen 2 miles from a City Centre, which is where we live. Everywhere there is in the middle of somewhere – even if it’s a slightly dodgy, somewhere.

Anyway, on to the clothes. For some reason, I don’t tend to wear my boyfriend jeans during the winter but yesterday I made an exception. I quite like the wash on these Hampton boyfriend jeans from Jigsaw (£79) – they look worn in but without any of the effort and of course they are much roomier than skinny ones, which is nice. They do come up huge though. I’m wearing the 24″ and even they are roomy.

I bought my striped sweatshirt, also from Jigsaw for £14 in the sale a few weeks ago (that’s one purchase that I did allow myself) together with a necklace from a friend, GAP belt, Zara boots, Boden blazer and Kate Spade bag.  All of these are well worn favourites but I know from experience that wearing a blazer plus a few of my favourite accessories can make all the difference to an outfit, even if it is just made up of boring old jeans.

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