Three wardrobe basics at a high(ish) price and three alternatives at a low(er) price…

[Whistles jeans, jacket and boots, Jigsaw sweatshirt, H&M necklace, Kate Spade bag]

When I’m out and about in the shops I come across a lot of things, some of which are cheaper alternatives to other things I may have come across elsewhere. A number of pieces like this have come my way recently, so I thought that I would share them with you….

First of all, there’s this long line layering shirt from Me & Em (£98) which I have looked at, and lusted after, many times over the last few seasons. The white one is currently out of stock but it looks as though it is due back in sometime soon. However at £98 for a shirt, it’s not something that I can square off in my mind. 

However, this H&M longline shirt (£14.99), which also comes in white, is 100% cotton and it will do the same job. I’m liking the saving of £83.01!

For many years, I’ve been a fan of trousers with a side zip. Although I don’t own any myself right now, they are fantastic for ladies who wear tunics as a jeans button can quite often show through them. For ladies with a bit of a tum they are a great option because this style tends to be pretty high waisted, which gives a smoother line. They also tend to be pretty slim in the leg so there’s none of that “if they fit around the waist they’re like sails around the hips and legs” business going on.

Anyway, J. Crew have just released their Martie pant (£89.50), which are skinny with a side zip….

….now you will have to bear with me on this one BUT M&S  do a style which is pretty similar – these high waisted skinny tube jeggings for £29.50. I asked you to bear with me on this one because any brand that calls an item a “skinny tube jegging” deserves to have them sitting on the shelves until they go into the sale. A less enticing name for a piece of clothing I cannot imagine. My stomach just clenches and then swells at the thought of them. However, the style is great and I bought them for the style party that I was doing the other night and they looked amazing on. So don’t write them off either as a result of the name, or the totally awful picture. And for anyone who buys them, rather than the J Crew ones, that’s £60 saved.

Phase Eight always stock a side zipped style and they have their Amina jegging (£49) in at the moment. The only thing that I would say about the M&S and Phase Eight styles are that they don’t have a back pocket (unlike the J, Crew ones) which can be slightly less flattering but in any event side zipped trousers can, due to their lack of pockets at the front, create a little hint of the camel toe so from that perspective a slightly longer top is better in any event, whether there are pockets on the bottom or not.

Now this style of shoe first seemed to come on the scene later on last summer. Laura over at WIT featured this style from Isabel Marant (£315) on her blog today. Lovely as they are – and she mentioned how soft they were, which is something to bear in mind….

…there’s a pretty similar style in Dune for £89, which still isn’t a bargain basement price but for anyone unsure as to whether it’s a style they will get a lot of wear out of, it’s worth investing in a less expensive option first….

…which is where this style from New Look (£22.99) comes in. I’ve tried both this style and the ones from Dune and both seem pretty comfortable to me. So that’s another £226, or £292.01 saved.

So, that’s a little bit of cash saved to buy yourself some other sneaky purchases instead.

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