Re-working a “not quite right” jacket…and a moral dilemma of the Primark thong variety

Whistles boots, Cos jeans, All Saints cashmere jumper, Oasis necklace, Hobbs jacket, Jigsaw bag, Tori Burch cuff, Kate Spade watch 

Oh crikey me, I feel like such a criminal. I never knew that there was such a moral dilemma to be had on returning home, only to find that you’ve got something in your bag that you didn’t pay for – especially when the item in question was clearly put there by someone else.

Today I was shopping for an event that’s coming up at the NEC in Birmingham – or whatever it’s called these days. As part of that I bought a pair of wellies from Primark, only to find out when I got them home that they had stuffed, right at the bottom of them, a pink thong. Now that caused me distress on many levels. Not only, by virtue of it being a thong, did it look horribly uncomfortable but the fabric was questionable as well. So what to do? Well admittedly if I kept it it wouldn’t quite be on the scale of what HSBC have been up recently but a) I don’t want it and b) it’s not my size. On the other hand trying to return it could prove a tricky one to explain.

Anyway, I thought that you might like to see a pic of some shoes that I came across when in Primark. Sophia Webster inspired shoes for £16. Not bad!

Loving these sandals too. I’m hoping that the shelves will be re-stocked with them very soon as they had all but sold out.

Hmmm, so there are quite a lot of things that I want to talk about in this post, which hopefully will help. First, the boots. These are the Whistles boots that I bought about two weeks ago now and which I have featured on every single post since. I could swap them boots for another pair before the photos are taken and pretend that I haven’t worn them but I think that it’s good to bond with new purchases without shame!

Secondly, this bag is a Jigsaw bag which is at least 10 years old and which I had fixed by the Handbag clinic. I wrote about the Handbag clinic at the time but thought that re-cap might be useful. They can fix anything, literally anything (unless anyone tells me otherwise). One friend had her Mulberry fixed by them, having been told by Mulberry themselves that it wasn’t possible. So if you have a much loved bag that’s seen better days, or has been completely trashed and is unable to be used but you can’t bring yourself to part with it, it may be worth giving them a call.

Thirdly – the jacket. It’s a kind of tweedy jacket from Hobbs which could very easily morph into a hunting/shooting/fishing type number if I wasn’t careful. And a country rah type I am not! So I thought that if I paired it with more modern bits and bobs, such as a statement necklace, a chunky cuff and skinny jeans and boots, people wouldn’t ask me where my horse was when I walked down the street. Try it. It can work pretty well with things that sometimes seem to be taking you down a road you don’t want to go down.

Fourthly, most of us have a pair of “scale jeans” and these are mine. If I can wear them for an entire day without wriggling, feeling uncomfortable and needing to take them off, then all is well with the world. When they’re too tight, that’s when action needs to be taken. I try to wear them once a week. Much healthier than getting on the scales.

Fifthly, I know that I look like I’m wearing a tea cosy but it was cold and for some bizarre reason I like this hat – but not as much one Davina was wearing on “the Jump” the other night and which is now out of stock. Shame. Though not for the bank balance.


  1. I won't wear sludge brown
    February 10, 2015 / 9:29 am

    Hahahaha. Just checking, the thing is brand new isn't it. I mean, it's got tags on and everything 😮 Love the floral footwear from Primark. Crikey they're going to be hot this year aren't they. So back to the thong…..what are you going to do? x

  2. GlamRosie
    February 10, 2015 / 4:53 pm

    I don't have a Primark near me so rarely get to one now – how fab are those shoes! I would feel the same re your dilemma but agree there really isn't a lot you could do. Love how you've worked that jacket, looks fab x

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