Happy New Year! – I know it’s a little late but there’s a good reason for it……

[Outfit: Hush dress, Seven Boot Lane boots, Reiss jacket, Hobbs necklace]

I wrote the following post on New Year’s Eve, the Eve before I was cruelly struck down with tonsillitis. I haven’t even managed to leave the house so far this year. Soon I’ll be appearing on my own TV show “the woman who woke up one day and never left the house again.” Actually I lie, I’ve been out once to go to see the Doctor and can you believe that the first money I spent in 2015 was on anti-biotics? Lucky I didn’t have a no spending ban in operation. 

I could have passed this post over but I haven’t written anything else, or worn anything that anyone would want to see, ever, so here goes. Hope that you are all keeping well and Happy New Year. Thank you for being such a lovely bunch of readers! 


I should know myself by now. I should know that when ever there’s a big event coming up – a birthday, the day before Christmas, the day before we go on holiday, the day before the NEW YEAR that I get this sudden urge to clean. “Oh” I think to myself, “wouldn’t it be lovely to go to bed in clean bedding, to wake up to a newly cleaned kitchen and fresh bathrooms, to have cupboards that are neat and tidy and full of folded clothes.” I should know that the tidal wave of needing to clean is on its way but I never anticipate it until WHAM, it arrives and then it’s too late. I just have to get on with it.

Which is why I found myself doing all of those jobs this afternoon. I scrubbed the kitchen island to within an inch of its life. I even turned the toaster upside down and shook it over the sink (unwise unless you want a blocked sink), plus I emptied out the crumb trays, cleaned behind the bread maker, took all of the rubbish out, polished the kettle, washed the tea pot and wiped out the fruit bowl, all the while thinking that I needed to be ringing friends and family to wish them a Happy New Year.

We went over to some friends for the New Year and as we were walking there and as it was cold, flimsy glamour was not the order of the day – or night. I’ve only worn this Hush dress once but it’s really warm and with a jacket over the top it gave me the warmth that I needed. OK so the boots are more practical than glam but the pavements were hideously slippery.

I should have pre-programmed a twitter message to go out and I should have written something on facebook to wish you all a Happy and healthy New Year but I didn’t get around to it, so I apologise to you, as I do to all of my friends and family for not getting in touch but I’m sorry I was cleaning….

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