An outfit for a night on the tiles (OK, pizza with friends) and who fancies a Primark cropped top?

[Zara boots, Boden coated jeans, &Other Stories top, Whistles jacket, GAP bag, Whistles gloves]

Crikey me it’s cold. Cold in a good way, a proper crisp cold way, rather than a bone chilling damp way, so that’s good but it has meant that I’ve had to resurrect my most duvet like coat from storage. It’s not featuring today but it came out last night when I walked to our High Street to have pizza with some friends. It’s good and roomy so I can layer a whole outfit underneath, such as this one above, including the jacket which I bought from Whistles last year and which serves me well on days like this. 

So I thought that I’d follow the talk of cold with the skimpiest outfits I’m likely to wear – although just to clarify in case anyone was horrified at the thought, I don’t wear cropped tops without something on top of them. This lot is from Primark, which has the most amazing selection of sportswear in at the moment in all different colours. Strategically placed just inside the door and also in our Selfridges, the shopping experience is pretty good. 

I’ve tested out the vests and one of the cropped tops and so far so good. My temperature seems to have gone haywire when running of late – I think that my jacket has been too warm and the heat hasn’t been escaping so I have felt as though I was being basted like a turkey in the oven. However with a cropped top, a vest and one of the Primark hoodies (so good that I returned the Sweaty Betty one that I had ordered and which was 7 times the price) it all seemed a bit better. Anyway, we’ll see.

I should add that I’ve only tried one pair of the bottoms but they were just too low rise. Personally I prefer the thick cotton GAP ones as they offer more support for a bum that’s heading south and thighs that are heading both east and west simultaneously – although I will try some other Primark ones but only when I can face taking my trousers off in a Primark changing room. Not that I can quite imagine when that will be.


  1. What if I wore it the first Time
    January 20, 2015 / 11:43 pm

    Thanks for your PRimark test run. Pardon the pun. I've just splurged on some SWeaty BEtty but I could do with a couple of crops like those pictured so I'll be checking out the PRimark range this SAturday.

  2. Pippa McNee
    January 22, 2015 / 6:46 pm

    Perfect timing Beth! I was in Brum today and bagged a crop top, cropped leggings and sports socks from this range – seems good quality, fine for when I am on the elliptical machine in our front room! Love the blog – happy new year!

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