An outfit cheat – wear some bling, chuck on a fancy top, throw in some colour and sneak your favourite jeans in via the back door…

A few days ago now we were celebrating the birthday of our youngest, who is now a very grown up 7. In keeping with a family tradition, we all piled in to Pizza Express. Obviously my finest glad rags were not required but I thought that the age old cheat of wearing some bling, putting on a bit of a fancy top and chucking in some colour would do – hence the double rose gold necklace from Livto (£27.99) – currently sold out but I’m pretty sure that there will be some back in stock soon – a leather top which was a birthday present and a yellow Kate Spade bag. Luckily a little effort on the top half meant that I could get away with my super stretchy Whistles jeans so there was plenty of room for pizza (and for breathing). Always handy.

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