An injection of colour which should earn its keep and I have a great excuse for a whole new outfit…

I think that it’s probably pretty fair to say that we all have a lot of black/navy/grey in our wardrobes during the winter months and it can get a little tiring. Equally it can be tricky to find brighter coloured things and if we do, they stand out like a sore thumb after having been worn a dozen times so we end up getting bored of them too. Which is why I thought that this scarf could come in handy in injecting some colour into all manner of darker things. It was £20, reduced from £80 in the Whistles sale (bought at the same time as the bargain basement boots) and I stuck it with this Jigsaw jersey dress which is about four years old now, giving it a new lease of life. It will also work well with an older, navy, traditionally styled Jigsaw coat that I have, together with plain jumpers – so hopefully it will be worn enough to justify its £20 price tag.

This ruched jersey dress from Baukjen (£99 down to £59) is very similar in its style to the one above and I’ve also linked to other Baukjen black dresses which may suit different shapes slightly better – there’s a wrap one, a v-neck one, a midi length one an A-line one and a very nice leather one too!

Now, despite my efforts to wear everything that I own already without any new major additions, tomorrow I will be kitted out, head to toe, in new gear. Because tomorrow I am going to “learn to ski in a day” and for that, new gear was required.  Can you imagine it? Me learning to ski in a day that is? Although I’m pretty bendy and pretty active, I am rubbish on anything slippery. When I was a kid I only had to see a hill with some snow on it and I would sit down, which the children have told me that I must not do under any circumstances, because I will only go faster. And I don’t do speed either which doesn’t bode well. True, I’ve challenged myself quite a bit over the last couple of years – running the half marathon, doing various other forms of exercise and last summer doing the high ropes too. However, the problem is that when I’m scared, really scared, I have to distract myself and I do this by singing One Direction very loudly. I’m pretty confident that my singing is probably as bad as my skiing (will be) so I’m not holding out much hope for anyone, or anything, within close proximity to me tomorrow. Thankfully Mr SG is no longer planning on popping in to “see how I am getting on” (ie videoing me so that he can take the p*** out of me mercilessly) on his way back from a meeting tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous
    January 31, 2015 / 12:45 am

    Lovely dress but I have boobs and cant wear high necked tops/dresses. Need them to be lower .

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