A lot of navy and a little bit of sparkle. And tomorrow? Tomorrow it’s time to wear a dress….

I had a little bit of a navy thing going on today – not too hard give the amount of navy that I wear. It was throwing it down when it came to pick up but I couldn’t be faffed with a brolly so I wore this navy metallic beanie from Topshop that that my Mum gave me for Christmas and which I keep in the car for such emergencies. OK so my jacket was less than a wise choice given the rain but the rain sort of appeared out of nowhere.

The rest of the navy ensemble was made up of Cos cotton trousers, a white GAP shirt, a sparkly navy GAP jumper, a Boden jacket and Adidas trainers. I could quite happily wear this kind of thing every day – not jeans but not far from it with lots of navy and a bit of sparkle. Tomorrow I fear it may be a dress kind of day. I can’t quite remember when I last wore a dress – New Year’s Eve I think, so it’s time to be brave and get those legs out. Anyone fancy joining me??? Please say yes!

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