The best jeans in the business, from a lady who knows….

Tonight I’m doing what I see as my civic duty and bringing you a pair of jeans which I have been told, on very good authority by my friend Sal, are fantastic. They are the skinny high rise Levi’s  and they are £90.

I’ve been given clearance by Sal to divulge why they are good because you know none of us likes what we’ve said to a friend being shared to the world, especially when it involves one’s tummy, but as she said “they’re great because you can tuck everything in and they hold it all in place.”  Sounds good to me.

By way of extra info, but hopefully not too much info, Sal is a very slim size 10 apple shape which as many of you will know means that her tum, in proportion to her long slim legs and narrow hips, can be harder to dress. She looks stunning in jeans  and whilst she’s not fussed by the label on her bum (or anywhere else for that matter) for her it’s worth spending a little more on jeans to get them just right. Often the rise is too low for her to be comfortable, or the leg length too short. Previously she has worn Seven for all Mankind but after wearing these Levi’s, which in turn were recommended by a friend at work, they seemed really uncomfortable. These jeans come in 9 colours and she loved them so much that she’s going back for a second pair.

So for anyone who finds buying jeans a nightmare – you know the scenario, you get them to fit around the waist but then they swing around the hips, or when you bend over they show your bum – these could be your saving grace and just in time for Christmas too.

The composition of these jeans is good too – they’re 72% cotton, 26% polyester and 2% elastane. Any more elastane and they can become more like leggings than jeans and although traditionally we perhaps turned our noses up slightly at anything containing polyester, I prefer jeans to have some in. They just feel softer and more comfortable to wear.

I love sharing what people love and swear by so if you’ve come across anything that works well for you, do please let me know at

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  1. Jan McIntyre
    December 9, 2014 / 2:26 am

    I treated myself to some of these last year. Fantastic. No falling down around the waist. I have since bought some straight leg Levi's and they're just as fab.

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