The 12 outfits of Christmas, day 7 – a pretty much go anywhere look…

So when I agreed to a party for 35, fifteen and sixteen year olds tonight, I didn’t realise that not only would my phone be confiscated as it was needed to play music through but also that there would be so many people trying to use the wifi that the internet would crash. The rest of the family and I have been confined to our bedroom whilst the house shakes around us.

I’m hoping that I can load several more outfits as this post was going to be about outfits that I have worn casually recently. Nothing particularly special, just a few different outfits which may offer some ideas. I’m not sure that it’s going to work though….the internet is still not happy (and nor, it has to be said, is Mr SG who is complaining, at 19.36 I have to add, that he has to go to work tomorrow, that everything will be broken, that there will be lots of clearing up to do and that no more parties will be allowed. Party flippin pooper.)

Now you’ve all seen this Whistles dress many times over but it’s a favourite of mine and here I’m ringing the changes slightly (I know, how many ways can you wear one dress but I need to get the cost per wear down) with red Kurt Geiger shoes and a coral H&M necklace.

Sadly the rest of the photos won’t load – in fact I don’t know whether this post will even publish but I’ll have a go and bring you the other photos once calm has been restored.

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