Camo, leather, fur, patent and embellishment – sounds a lot for one outfit!



[Oufit: Topshop skirt and jumper, Oasis leather jacket, Damart gilet, Dune shoes and no, I’ve no idea what I’m doing in this photo either!]


Oh crikey so much to say, so little time to say it, so I’m not going to regale you with tales of how I really want a t-shirt with the slogan on “I’m just trying to get the house tidy for Christmas” which I can point to each time one of the children leaves a wet towel on the floor, or school books in our bedroom, or shoes piled in places that shoes shouldn’t be piled – all of which happens frequently. 


Nor am I going to tell you about how I’m trying to be a Domestic Goddess, using every spare second to bake cakes, make stews or whizz up desserts, all of which I can freeze before Christmas so that a beautiful meal can be produced with minimal effort. Sadly I’m lacking some of the assets of the real Domestic Goddess (namely huge boobs, big red lips and a silky negligee) but you know, a onesie will do.


That aside, yesterday I resurrected one of my favourite skirts from last winter. I bought it in Topshop in Belfast, along with the grey embellished jumper, whilst I was over there speaking at a lunch last year. I have such fond memories of that trip – everyone was so friendly.


To keep out the chill I’ve layered it with my old (and on its last legs) cream Oasis leather jacket and a fur gilet from Damart (£39) which they kindly sent to me to review. Having worn a few fur gilets I have to say that this is a lovely one. It’s not too bulky which is great as the idea of fur can be good but the reality can be a little honey monster at times. It also has hidden hook and eye fastenings plus as it’s collarless it has a nice simple line about it. I really like layering fur gilets over a leather jacket for a layered look – plus the added warmth of course. This one is a good price too so if you’ve not ventured down that particular road before but are considering doing so, this is a great place to start.


Must dash – time to go and order myself a silk negligee so that I can come down and eat the Christmas leftovers from the fridge in the middle of the night in true Nigella style.

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