A (not too) sparkly outfit for a night out…or for a night in, if you fancy it…


OK so I accept that this is not the closest shot of the outfit that I am wearing but it gives an idea of its silhouette at least. It’s a two piece; a high waisted A-line midi skirt and a short top, which looks short enough on the hanger to reveal a little too much mid-riff but in fact it doesn’t reveal any (luckily).

A two piece can work really well as an alternative to a dress particularly for those ladies who wear a different top size to skirt size – and a high waisted skirt fits neatly, avoiding the gaping that can come with a skirt which sits lower on the hips. So do give one a try, even if it looks as though the top will finish somewhere up near your arm pits – they are really nice for a change.

I wore this Jacquard top from Miss Selfridge (£24.50),

together with this jacquard skirt from Miss Selfridge (£31.50) and a pair of very high sparkly Dune shoes just because if you can’t wear sparkle when its Christmas, when can you? It looked and felt far more expensive than its reasonable price tag. If someone had stuck me in it and said it was from Reiss or Whistles, I wouldn’t have argued with them.

I spotted another double trouble outfit in Warehouse today, which isn’t online but if you’re passing and if you’re after a two piece outfit, it’s definitely worth a closer look. From memory it was black, sparkly (there’s a surprise) again with a skirt – possibly pencil – and a short sleeved top combination.

And I’m including this just because I love it and one might just be on its way to be sometime soon…..a sequin skirt from Miss Selfridge (£38.50). Now we’re starting to verge on the ridiculous. Is there such a thing as excessive sequinnage? 







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