Something to banish the Sunday night/Monday morning blues…

I’ve said it a million times and I will probably say it a million times more but I’m a huge fan of a coloured coat for the winter. There are so many dull, dark days during the winter months that it’s lovely to see a bright pink, blue, red, yellow or coral coat.

In this post I’m taking a look at blue coats. I’ve seen lots of them on my travels over the last few weeks and months and there are some great ones to choose from.

French Connection has two of my favourite blue coats. There’s this imperial wool coat (£169) which I used  on a model at a style event a couple of weeks ago. It has a great depth of colour to it so is easier to wear than some of the lighter blue shades. It currently has  20% off with Grazia (OCTFC20 which continues until midnight on 2 November

This French Connection oversized wool coat (£225) is a lovely soft blue. It’s more oversized than the style above so arguably may have a shorter shelf life but if you’re after a coat in the shape of the season, this could be a winner. The wide collar and simple styling are also a nice touch.

The Great Plains wool funnel neck coat (£120) is a real gem. It is slightly oversized without being swamp like and the funnel neck is a real winner. It has a strong nod to the 60s trend which is so big this season and as with anything that is based on a style from times gone by, it won’t date – because it already has, albeit in a way that is trendy once again – if you get my drift.

Despite the oversized styles that dominate at the moment, lots of ladies still prefer a fitted style of coat, feeling that it is more flattering and waist defining/bust minimising – which quite often it can be. Sometimes with fashion trends there’s a trade off between wanting to wear something that is new, fresh and different vs wearing a shape which is known to be flattering. The classic example is the trade off between boot cut jeans, which tend to be more flattering on lots of women, vs skinny jeans which are more modern. Some things can be styled in such a way as to overcome their limitations and sometimes all that is needed is a period of adjustment and time to get used to a different look.  So really what I’m saying is don’t rule anything out – not without giving it a proper try first as that’s how we get stuck in a rut.

However if it’s still not possible to get one’s head around a looser shaped coat, the Boden Ingrid Coat (£179 down to £143.20) has a semi fitted style so it may tick all of the right boxes.

This Country Casuals blue fold collar coat (£249 but currently with 20% off) has a clearly defined waist and is also has a nice detail across the back, also adding to it’s shape. It’s one of the few double breasted styles out there at the moment and in the flesh it’s a really pretty blue shade. I was quite surprised when I came across it in CC but in actual fact they had quite a lot of nice clothes (don’t tell anyone I said that!) I like looking at lots of different brands as without fail, all brands have some great pieces – even if only a few – and all brands have some rubbish pieces. The weight of some of their dresses, particularly their wrap dresses, is really good. Far better than equivalent priced brands, or even those that are more expensive. They also have a fairly extensive petite range.

Warehouse also has a couple of options. There’s the brushed drawn hair coat (£95) which currently has  25% off with this week’s Grazia. Having said that there aren’t many double breasted options look at this – another double breasted option. Lovely colour, nice fabric and a good price with the discount.  

Or there’s the Warehouse boucle coat (£85) which obviously has more of a texture to it. I’m not entirely convinced how well this one will wear given its finish but it’s worth taking a look at it to see how the fabric sits once it’s been tried on and rubbed over a couple of times – not that I’m suggesting that anyone should go and try clothes on and give them a hard time before deciding whether to buy them or not.

Lastly Coast has this Soho Crombie Coat (£175) which is a lovely mix of a classic style but with a modern edge, thanks to the zips above the pockets. I think that it would work just as well for work as it would with jeans and trainers at the weekend.


So, what d’you reckon? Is anyone tempted by a blue coat of any shade at all? My Boden spotty blue coat, now heading into its 9th winter, may well be making an appearance sometime soon.

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