Can I wear tracksuit bottoms for a meal out? And a few sparkly purchases…

“Can I go out to dinner wearing my tracksuit bottoms?” I asked the family last night. It was our wedding anniversary and I was taking counsel from other family members because, as much as I love going out to dinner, I like being comfortable even more. “Not unless you want to look like a chav and only if you’re going to McDonalds” was the general consensus so I cheated and replicated the look in a more acceptable way with luxe track pants from Topshop and the Victorie top from Reiss (£89). Taking a photo at the end of the evening minus lippy and minus most accessories is not generally a good idea but hey ho, you know how these things go.

It was the first time that I had put the Reiss top through its paces and it did the job it was designed to do well, namely keep me warm, look slightly fancy but not too fancy and not cling anywhere that I didn’t want it to. This top was way more than I would normally pay but after having a good wardrobe clear out, there was a gaping hole for tops and having tried it on and having deliberated for quite some time I concluded that it would serve me well over the years.

And here’s another crappety crap crap photo but again, hey ho, you know these things go. I don’t like all this clock changing business. There’s just no time to get any snaps during the week. The early morning ones are blue and the evening ones – well there’s no point taking any. Luckily our son’s school finished at 1pm today, so that was good of them.

Anyway, the reason for the photo was to tell you about the slim cropped pants from GAP (£34.95). I’ve had these for longer than I can remember but I seem to recall that at one time they were too loose to wear so I put them away. Thankfully my new found addiction to M&S cashew nut butter has resolved that particular problem and now they fit really well. They are so comfortable and a great length with trainers – just enough ankle flash to work but not so much as to be cold. Best of all they are  95% cotton, 5% elastane and they are machine washable. At £34.95 they are a great price too and having felt the Joseph equivalent a few seasons ago, I wasn’t convinced that there was anything in it.

And now a couple of snaps of things that I picked up today in preparation for a style event next week. First off some bags from New Look (£22.99). I love this black back pack. It’s a sharp shape with simple styling and a great place to start for anyone contemplating one. It also comes in burgundy and with burgundy/claret/ox-blood being such a big trend this season, it’s an easy way to tap in to that trend too.

You can’t beat a good sparkly bag for the evening but there’s no need to spend a fortune on one. These sparkle box clutches are also from New Look.

Finally, most converse lovers will probably know about the leather ones that they do in the winter but for those who don’t, these metallic ones from Schuh (£60) are just great. They go with everything and offer a little more warmth and protection that the canvas ones. I love the returns policy at Schuh too – it’s a whole year. Can’t argue with that.


I have a house full of goodies so I will share one or two of my other fabulous buys over the next few posts.


  1. I won't wear sludge brown
    November 7, 2014 / 8:04 am

    Oh golly not sure where to start. I love everything Beth. Your first outfit is absolutely gorgeous – never ask the family for opinions, they're rubbish! Love your red coat and wow the black backpack, is that really from New Look x

  2. Avenue 57
    November 7, 2014 / 9:40 am

    I just don't think I could do it ie where joggers out. I SEE that they look good on others but I just wouldn't be comfortable as I would KNOW I'm in my joggers!

  3. Anonymous
    November 23, 2014 / 3:25 pm

    The coat is just a "No"

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