An idea for a Christmas outfit and a very old (and very pink) coat!


Benetton coat, GAP high waisted jeans, Topshop belt, Cos jumper, Zara boots (breaking all the rules of taking decent photos by wearing a coat the same colour as the background. Ho hum.)


It has taken me many years but the penny has finally dropped that when Mr SG says that he gets stressed about choosing Christmas presents for me, he really means it. It’s not that he’s just mildly concerned, or unsure, he’s genuinely worried. Given that it’s one problem in life that I am able to resolve, today I assisted him with it and he has now bought me a lovely ring from Links and some Bobbi Brown make-up. When I rang him at work to tell him what a productive morning he’d had, he was most impressed AND he was chuffed with himself for saving 20% in Links. Just a few more bits to get and then he’s done. How easy was that?


Today I finished shopping for the event that I’ll be at on Thursday. For once I will aim to take photos of the outfits before heading out with them all. Otherwise I pack them up after the event and take them back to the shops before getting a chance to share them. Hopefully they may give some ideas for outfits in the run up to Christmas. This year I will, once again, be doing my 12 outfits of Christmas so if anyone fancies joining me by letting me have photos of their outfits, or posting them on facebook, please feel free to do so. I hope to kick off on 13 December, or thereabouts.


So, just one idea for a slightly different style jacket in the run up to Christmas – the kimono jacket. They’ve been around for a while but it seems that they’re here to stay and with a pair of straight or skinny jeans and some heels, they make a nice alternative to a leggings/tunic outfit which can all too often be a default position.  They aren’t too fitted, or too tailored, so they have that nice relaxed feel about them.  They work well with a looser vest style top underneath which again avoids the overly clingy/tailored look which isn’t always appealing from a comfort, point of view.  They also come in lots of prints, colours and textures so there should be something for everyone. Anyway, I’ll leave that one with you to ponder. The ones below are from Oasis but they are everywhere and M&S, in particular, has a good selection.


Cherry blossom kimono jacket Oasis (£42)



Sequin kimono Oasis (£45)

Lace Kimono jacket Oasis (£50)


  1. Sue
    November 25, 2014 / 7:58 am

    I have an almost identical coat! I must get it out and give it a whirl!

  2. Jan McIntyre
    November 25, 2014 / 8:27 pm

    Matalan have a great range of kimono jackets as well and very reasonable. Think I paid £12!

  3. Avenue 57
    November 29, 2014 / 8:25 am

    That coat is stunning!

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